About Us

PalmPilot owners! Are you satisfied with the memory or CPU speed in your PalmPliot? In today’s complex world with hundreds of new applications coming out each week, you might not be satisfied with the amount of memory of your PalmPilot.

Some time ago when PalmIII™ was a top of the line model, I started to run out of memory as quickly as I became dependent on the convenience of my new handheld computer. My Electrical Engineering background gave me the challenge and the opportunity to research the issue and to come up with an easy and inexpensive solution: the 8 Mb memory upgrade! My friends and their friends promptly lined up for the service. A web site followed and the rest was history.

Since then it became a serious business for me. In time I introduced the PalmIIIe™, PalmIIIx™, PalmV™, Handspring® Visor, and Palm™ m100 upgrades. The CPU processor speed upgrade for the PalmV™/IBM®WorkPad c3 was added later. Recently I was able to come up with a solution for the PalmVII™ 8 Mb upgrade as well as the Flash ROM upgrade for PalmIIIe™ and Palm™ m100.

I quickly learned that there are two most important issues that matter to my clients. The first is a successful upgrade without changing the unit’s appearance. I could certainly relate to that, so I make sure every Palm looks exactly like it did before the upgrade. I also developed a special test program insuring worry-free results. The 48-hour test became my trademark and I guarantee that not one unit escapes it. The second issue of importance is a quick turnaround time without wasting a single day. I make a special point not to keep my clients waiting for their little helpers.

Please read what some of my clients think about the quality of my service. Feel free to ask them any questions you might have about the upgrade. The FAQ page will hopefully answer all your questions about how to proceed with the upgrade, etc.